20 June 2006

Useless Facts?

A friend emailed me a link about useless facts. There are nearly 400 of them, but I don't think all of them are useless. I think the usefulness or uselessness of a fact depends on the perspectives and interests of the person looking at it. Click this, and you be the judge.

3 reactions:

bayibhyap said...

I believe such information is trivia but not useless facts. Many of the facts are interestingly amusing. If I find them funny and amusing, they are already useful to me!

A fart travels an average of 16 feet when released? Hehehe... What will happen if it is not released? *LOL*

Toni said...

Bayi's right!They're trivia, not useless facts!

I thought a lot of them were pretty interesting. Makes for a little bit of small talk topics, LOL!

Gemma said...

"Useful" is relative. An eskimo may find a refrigerator useless. Knowing that the bull is color blind might be useful one day if you find yourself in front of a raging bull.