09 July 2006

New Philippine Hero

This is a spoof of the Philippine 5-peso bill. The man you see in the money is the boxer Manny Pacquiao. I got this from my blogging friends in BBerk's Cafe courtesy of Ate Sienna.

If we were to consider the amount of fame Pacquiao is getting around here lately, I think he's being elevated to the level of national heroes. I think he is one person who can easily win any national elections, and has the sympathy of warring political factions here in the country. Were he president today, he can easily unite the country.

Boxing is also becoming the most popular sport here, with suggestions that it become a part of the educational curriculum to develop and discover potential boxers. Who cares about the World Cup finals? *LOL* I'm rooting for France. I have nothing against boxing, but to focus on it as part of education? I don't think so. I think those in the education department should still concentrate on developing students adept in science and mathematics if they want the country to move forward in the future.

2 reactions:

ipanema said...

It made me laugh and it's infuriating at the same time. I think it's in our filipino psyche that whenever one does well in anything internationally, he/she will be elevated to some kind of status in our society. The same holds true when one blunders, one will be put down as fast as they exalted you. At the moment he is talk of the country with his victories in the boxing arena. If he's going to lose a bout after that, I don't know if people will be talking positive about him.

Boxing as part of the educational curriculum? Perhaps they're copying it from schools abroad. In my present location, we have a sports school. The government is really spending money training them and they are housed in a dormitory. They can leave on weekends only. It's academics in the morning and training in the afternoon. This is where they get their pool of national athletes. If DECS is thinking in this line, I think it's fine IF we have the budget. But what I see around Manila - schools running three sessions (morning, afternoon & night school?). I don't know if this is true in other areas. I asked the driver why there are still students that time of the night when we passed by. He said, lack of classrooms. So, I think the Dept of Educ. should fix immediate problems before they think about branching out into sports school.

Football never endeared Filipino hearts. We are as American as our love for basketball. Our Southeast Asian neighbours, mostly under the Commonwealth is naturally more at ease with football than basketball.

Dr. Emer said...

I think the boxing preoccupation is as good as Manny's fame. It will wane in due time. Everything here is ningas-cogon, anyway.