22 July 2006

Sleeping With Someone Robs Men of Brain Power

Contrary to claims that they sleep better with a partner in bed, a new study reveals that men actually may have a disturbed sleep resulting in poor cognitive skills.
Men and women fared differently. While men thought they slept better with a partner, and women believed they didn't, actually both sexes had more disturbed sleep, even when they did not have sex. Lack of sleep led to increased stress hormone levels in men, and reduced their ability to perform simple cognitive tests the next day.

However, the women apparently slept more deeply when they did sleep, since they claimed to be more refreshed than their sleep time suggested. Their stress levels and mental scores did not suffer to the same extent.

[New Scientist, 22 July 2006]

Poor cognitive skills may mean faulty decision-making and poor understanding of problems and tasks ahead.

What does this mean?

Should married men spend the night on a separate bed?

My quick tip: Marry someone who seldom move in bed when she's asleep. *LOL*

4 reactions:

TinTin said...

That is so interesting. Despite having written that I would never be in a separate bedroom from hubby, he and I are thinking more and more that it would be a great idea. We just enjoy sleeping next to each other too much.

Ann said...

Well, one thing for sure, my hubby can't sleep w/o me beside him..hehehe.

Tani said...

maybe some male's fear they'll utter somebody else's name (other than their partner's) while dreaming... that's why they don't sleep well beside their partner. hahaha! :)

JMom said...

LOL! poor men, and now we find out their stupidity is caused by the women they sleep with!

exception ka of course, doc :)