05 August 2006

PhP 43B for Doctors, Nurses and Teachers

Just so these people wouldn't leave the country.
MALACAÑANG is planning to spend an average of P43 billion a year in the next four years to boost the salary scale of government doctors, nurses and teachers in a bid to stem the exodus of these professionals to more lucrative jobs abroad.

Under the Department of Budget and Management’s proposed budget, the government is allocating an increase of P10.3 billion for personal services in 2007, P32.1 billion in 2008, P55 billion in 2009, and P74.9 billion in 2010.

Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya said these budget allocations showed that the government was not only bent on modernizing and expanding the country’s infrastructure like roads, bridges and sea and airports but also on improving its "bureaucratic infrastructure."

"The aim of this program is to correct the distortions in the salary scale which is the reason why you have teachers, nurses and doctors going abroad. If you compare these people’s salaries in the private sector, it’s too small," Andaya said. "Hopefully, this will stop the outflow of these people abroad."

[SOURCE: INQ7.net, 05 Aug 2006 ]

I think the keywords above are "planning" and "hopefully." Those are big words that can make you feel happy initially, but will frustrate you when they do not happen as expected. I know, I know. Be an optimist, you say. Well, yes, why not? Let's give it a shot, and see what happens.

6 reactions:

ipanema said...

It certainly is big words...big promises, but at least there's something to look forward to.

With the latest tags on domestic helpers re-packaging them as super maids and outsourcing Filipinos in Iraq and Afghanistan as mercenaries fighting proxy wars of other countries, terms I find degrading the OFWs, yes, the country needs to hold on to her valuable assets - the Filipinos.

Hopefully, this will materialise and not end up as figures brandished in newspapers, giving false hopes. I'm crossing my fingers on this.

This is good news. Thanks for this post Dr. Emer, it's been a while I've read something like this from our country.

bayi said...

High time.

It's a start. If realized, it will be a big step in the right direction. Let's hope GMA gets it right this time!

rolly said...

Hopefully or wistful thinking?

Anonymous said...

certainly looks good on paper. :) hopefully and i fervently hope that the government would put this into action.

but at the rate we are going, i doubt it.

but i'm still hoping. :)

Sidney said...

Just came back from Europe and I can tell you that Filipinos are EVERYWHERE!
Their children (second generation) are already feeling more European than Filipino...

Dr. Emer said...

Welcome back, Sidney. :)