01 August 2006

War is Always Tragic

You probably heard of the dozens of innocent people, mainly children, mistakenly killed in Qana, Lebanon, days ago. The one who did the raid, Israel, has so far apologized and admitted the mistake, and has initiated a halt to its military airstrikes for 48 hours.

Apologies and suspension of military airstrikes, however, do not bring back lost lives, and Israel continues to get flak for its blunder.

Hizballah / Hizbollah / Hizbullah / Hezbollah (it has been called those names in media) must be rejoicing for the mistake that Israel did, but I think it shares part of the blame. These pictures show that they also conduct their military activities within residential areas.

The only thing certain about wars is death. Its wagers call it a necesssary evil. The fact that it is 'evil,' I think, should have already told them its necessity may not be that absolute. People who start wars always think they can win it, and start a better world anew. I think that's an illusion. Anything that kills human beings on purpose will bring nothing but anguish and more wars.

3 reactions:

bayibhyap said...

People who subscribe to wars always think that the means justifies the end. They turn a bkind eye to the number of people killed in the process and the sufferings inflicted and may even offer aid to the victims. They believe in the sacrifice of a few for the good of the whole. This is a flawed reasoning.

If Bush, Blair and Howard have their immediate families residing in Southern Lebanon, let's hear it from them if the bombing missions by the Israelis still hold water.

The cold logic holds only when the sufferings don't relate to the supporters and decision-makers of such actions directly. Violence begets violence, as the history of international relations has clearly shown.

I am equally shocked by the pictures that show the Hezabollah setting up their rocket launchers in the midst of residential suburbs. People who engage in acts of war appear to have no respect for the sanctity of life.

Dr. Emer said...

Sometimes I just think of getting the leaders of both camps confined in one room where they can slug it out, free for all, without harming those who have nothing to do with their wars. If they want to kill each other, then let them. Spare those who want to live their lives in peace. Life is already difficult as it is. Wars aren't needed to solve problems.

bayibhyap said...

Excellent suggestion you have there, Dr Emer! I can't think of a better one. My mind is blurred by the thought of people dying like flies being hit by a swat.