13 October 2006

Friday Five # 2

Welcome to the second edition of Friday Five! Here are my top 5 recommended websites for this week:
  1. The Training Station - helps you with all kinds of exercises.

  2. Healthy Computing - are you in front of your computer all day? Yes? Then, you have to read this! This will give you guidelines on how to prevent having back pains, tired eyes, stiff necks, and painful wrists.

  3. Weight Loss 101 - almost everything you need to know to get your ideal weight.

  4. Foods That Heal - a comprehensive database of food items that can help the body against certain diseases and conditions. Very informative!

  5. Play GOLF! - how's your handicap these days? Since I have no time (and no money) to play some real golf, this online golf manages to simulate the real thing...minus the sun. It's just 18 holes, but the best I've done is 7 under par!

5 reactions:

Moof said...

Thanks for the links Dr. Emer! I need to visit #2! :o)

Sidney said...

Thanks for the links. I need to visit them all ! :-(

Tani said...

Starbucks should have this in their counters. My favorite, grande nonfat caramel macchiato has 220 calories. :(


Anonymous said...

I like that Trainingstation link!

Toni said...

Foods that heal. I love that link. Thanks Dr. E.