21 November 2006

Answering Questions

I finally got the time to sit down and open my email today after another episode of a busy week. If you get to see my inboxes (3 active email accounts), you'd be petrified by the numbers of unread emails (and we're not talking spam here yet, ok?). Much as I would like to reply to most of them, my limited time prevents me to do so. My emails are a constellation of help questions from readers who like to do some quickie health consults, research requests from students who want me to help with their term papers and theses, ad/promotion requests and link exchanges, proposals to be a problogger, invitations to try this and that product, and finally, letters from friends and relatives (which I usually answer).

Today, I got this private beta-testing invitation from YorQA offering me to try out their question-and-answer widget so I can (in their words) "be there to answer questions from my blog readers." Well, why not?

I'm giving it a test drive. Ask your sensible questions and let's see if this works. Please find the widget by scrolling down on the right panel of this blog.
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