15 November 2006

Men's Plan To Reach 85

If men hoped to live until 85 years of age, here's a health plan for them:
  • at midlife, strive to have a normal blood-pressure, good grip, be fit and active, and avoid having a bigger tummy

  • on clinical laboratory exams, make sure that both blood sugar (fasting and random) levels and fat profiles are within normal values

  • maintain a diet rich in fruits and vegetables

  • quit smoking

  • limit alcoholic beverage intake

  • get married and stay happily married
This plan is according to a study involving 5,820 Japanese-American middled-aged men from the Hawaiian island of Oahu, who were followed for up to 40 years (from 1965 to 2005) to assess overall and exceptional survival.

I think everyone wants to be healthy and want to live as long as 85 years old. 'Problem is, not everyone has the courage to resist temptations of good food, good wine, and smoking.

Like happiness, living longer can be a choice and a decision. It's all up to us to decide what we want in life.

7 reactions:

Jet said...

Ironically, the hardest thing to do in the list is probably the last one, and only because it's really not something that is solely dependent on an individual person because as we know, marriage is a partnership.

Tingin ko Doc, if we all knew then what we know now, we would all be taking good care of ourselves. Sometimes the realization just comes too late.


Dr. Emer said...

Hello, Jet! You'd be surprised to find out that there are so many patients out there who know how to better take care of themselves (and perhaps live longer), but would do otherwise. :)

Connie said...

Marriage isn't for everyone. LOL If a relationship becomes an emotional baggage, it can shorten life even more. Di ba, Doc?

Dr. Emer said...

Hello, Ate Sassy! I fully agree. If both parties can't make marriage work, then it becomes a liability. That's why I emphasized staying "happily married." Alas, that's one advice that is easier said than done.

Tani said...

there's too much temptation these days modern men have to deal with...
about getting married, marrige is not for everyone. a lot of priests live to be 90+ years old. i think it's loneliness which ages men and not having a companion.

bayi said...

I aim to have a satisfying life up to 75 at most but I would be most happy if I can die in my sleep and not post a burden to those around me by being sickly and needing care. Of course, this also means I have to do whatever I can to stay healthy.

eye said...

woow, as if the 1st 5 steps are not difficult enough hehe! suntok sa buwan ata pag sinama pa yung 6th. both grandfathers of mine died at early ages, one due to heart attack and the other due to liver probs. since my dad had a heart stroke 5 years ago, he's now observing all those 6 tips :) better late than never!