01 December 2006

Friday Five # 4

Welcome to another edition of Friday Five!

After a couple of Fridays off, I hope to make this round as interesting as before. Today, we have a mixture of fun facts about sleep, how a nail can save your life, pi and frozen hotdogs, things that don't make any sense, and some Windows XP Hacks.

Let's begin!
  1. SLEEP TRIVIA - how long should you sleep? what is the longest sleeping record? what is the relationship between the back of your knees and sleeping?

  2. THE NAIL - how it can save your life. No kidding.

  3. THROW FROZEN HOTDOGS TO CALCULATE PI - recommended only for true geeks who have no problems throwing their food.

  4. 13 THINGS THAT DO NOT MAKE SENSE - from the placebo effect to cold fusion, there are still many things out there that cannot be fully explained. Very interesting.

  5. WINDOWS XP HACKS - very helpful, indeed.

2 reactions:

may said...

whoa! that means i have lost about 1400 hours of sleep in the past three years !

Tani said...

yup. #3 is only for geeks. :)