07 January 2007

No Deal !

Until this time, I still envy Miles, the character portrayed by actor Paul Giamatti in the 2004 film, Sideways, who had that treasured bottle of vintage 1961 Cheval Blanc. That wine was a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. So excellent was his wine-tasting tongue that he was able to pinpoint which grape variety contributed to the exquisite final taste of the wine. He was a true oenophile, and I believe only true oenophiles can discern how an excellent wine should taste, and also how much one would be willing to give up just to have a taste of it.

On the first Sunday of 2007, my Malaysian best friend sent me this joke about a bottle of Merlot. [Thank you, Bayi!] It made my day, and I hope it will make yours, too!

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