06 February 2007

How's Your Reaction Time?

Feeling sluggish and sleepy today? Too much work and too little sleep, you say?

Well, here's a cool test to challenge your reflexes. The instructions are easy. Place your cursor on the center square with the tranquilizer dart. Click as fast as you can when you see a sheep running away from the flock. You are allowed 5 tries. If you're too trigger-happy, you will be penalized with a 3-second violation, and your average reaction time will suffer.

Here's my score:

Tell me what you got.

4 reactions:

may said...

i was a sluggish snail. that didn't bother me though. what ate up my time was trying all the other games :)


toni said...

At first I was a sluggish snail. I tried it another time and I became a bobbin' bobcat. I'm happy enough with that!

ipanema said...

I did the 5 tries: 2 sluggish snail [too trigger happy,penalised], 2 ambling armadillo and 1 bobbing bobcat. :(

yllor said...

How the hell did you do that? Hanggang Bobbing Bobcat lang ako on two tries.

Sabi nga ng kaibigan natin, bobong bobcat ako, hehe