05 April 2007

Do You Find This Offensive?

Catholic artist Cosimo Cavallaro sculpted this 6-foot tall image using chocolate, and called it "My Sweet Lord." Most people simply called it the chocolate Jesus.

Cavallaro has been known for experimenting with different materials like cheese, candy, and rubber. However, due to strong objections from a large Catholic organization in New York, the planned Easter sculpture exhibition was cancelled.

Art interpretation is such a complex matter.

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Anonymous said...


jhay said...

I find it a heavenly delight.

manel said...

Nope. To each, his own. have a blessed Lenten season.

Ipanema said...

Oh, what a controversy this artist had and to time it during Lent is one calculating media op. I'm in for any form of art. However, this is beyond what I believe in. I found it both funny and destructive. Funny for his originality and destructive for it was like cashing in on Lent.