15 June 2007

Healthcare 100

In spite of my (highly) irregular posting lately, this blog still managed to make it among the world's top 100 blogs on health and medicine.

PARALLEL UNIVERSES is ranked # 61 in the list with a total score of 28, and is tied with several other wonderful blogs beginning with rank # 56.

Honestly, I blog not because I crave for visitor traffic or to push my blog's rank on several lists. I blog because I love blogging. I blog because I want to share my (unsolicited) opinion on health and medical matters. But when I get news like this, I can't help but feel happy about it, too.

Thank you!

2 reactions:

shihtzufan said...

Congratulations! You deserve it :)
I look forwards to your posts all the time. :)

bayi said...

Congratulations, Dr Emer.

I know of your love for blogging and obviously many others do too. :)

And it's wonderful to be recognized for doing something you love. And don't you ever stop! :)