31 July 2007

Intelligent Umbrella Detects Rain

It sells for US $125, or about P5,672.50, using the present exchange rate.

What's so special about this intelligent umbrella?

Its handle lights up in rapid pulses when it detects rain, snow, and thunderstorms in the next 12 hours, using weather data gathered through a radio-receiver in its handle from AccuWeather.com, and when it's just a mild drizzle, the handle lights up in slow pulses. It is battery-operated, and requires you to call a customer-service hotline for activation. It goes on sale in the US this week.

'Pretty neat, huh? But I have a bad feeling it won't work here. Not only because of its prohibitive price, but because if the intelligent umbrella will rely on our local weather bureau for inputs, its intelligence will certainly be put into question.

[sources: Reuters and Ambient Devices]

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