23 August 2007

Nude For a Cause?

My friend Bayi from Malaysia sent me this image yesterday:

Six-hundred (600) nude people volunteered to pose for a series of pictures in the shrinking Aletsch Glacier in southern Switzerland to dramatize the effects of global warming.

The Aletsch Glacier receded by 115m between 2005 and 2006, apparently due to the effects of global warming.

The photo shoot was reported to have lasted a day. While this act might be considered as both artistic and noble, did anyone ever think that gathering a large number of warm bodies in a "threatened" glacier (it is melting, right?) and making them lie down as shown above, might also inadvertently contribute to more glacial melting? Has anyone thought of the collective body heat given off by the nude volunteers?

Just my dos centimos.

5 reactions:

may said...

after the photo shoot, the photographers must have so sick of the sight of naked people that they all decided not to look at any naked person for the next month :)

bayi said...

I think the awareness created outweighs the possible extra heat leading to more glacier melting. It's an innovative approach but I don't think the more conservative countries would appreciate this. :)

600 nude bodies? The more the merrier!

Dr. Emer said...

MAY: what about when they take a bath and look at themselves in the mirror? will they run away? *LOL*

BAYI: very innovative indeed! :)

Ed said...

there is a glacier in california,I think it is on Mt. Shasta, that has actually gotten larger in the last few years???? HMMMM?

Ed said...

try googling (growing glaciers)