04 September 2007

GRAND ROUNDS, Vol. 3, No. 50

Welcome to the latest edition of Grand Rounds! I am happy to host this great weekly gathering of the best medical/health posts for the fourth time. I think I'm the third to do this (after GruntDoc and Code Blog), and it is always an honor every time! Let's get the ball rolling.....



  • "You trusted me to tell you about your life, and I couldn't bear to seem less than trustworthy, so I lied..." - last week's host, Susan Palwick, discusses an uncomfortable moment when she realized that she had been dishonest with a patient she was trying to reassure.

  • Musings of a Distractable Mind expounds on the meaning of resilience.

  • "Initial BP was 69 systolic, HR was 167. Lines were started and fluid boluses given. The patient was quickly intubated and put on the ventilator to protect his airway. BP remained low so powerful vasopressors were started and the shock team was called. Two doctors and three nurses were running non-stop hanging drips, inserting lines, monitoring vitals in an intense effort to save his life." -ERnursey's experience with a patient with meningococcemia

  • Panniculus is the case of the week at Counting Sheep. Very interesting.

  • Six Until Me has an eye-opening confession. It's about knowing how to have a good life in spite of the burden of diabetes.

  • How do you treat a 20-year old male student with unexplained high blood pressure? Medicine and Man shows us how.

  • Tundra PA continues a story about a relatively young patient whose PSA was over 38.

  • The other way around: a patient's amusing experience while looking for an endocrinologist.



  • Linda Bacon is one of the leading weight experts among those who look at the real facts without being biased by popular beliefs about body weight and health. Read her answers as Med Journal Watch asked her some tough questions.

  • Jerome Groopman's How Doctors Think is reviewed by Tech Medicine.

  • MedTripInfo interviews an organizer of a medical tourism conference in the Philippines.

  • A review of HBO's forthcoming special documentary about American combatants who suffered life threatening injuries in Iraq.

  • Dr. Val Jones of Revolution Health took a deeper look at what might be driving rising trend of Alternative Medicine in an era of unparalleled medical technology and scientific enlightenment.

  • Who belongs to the top 100 english-written medblogs? With my irregular blog postings, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not here.


Next week's Grand Rounds will be hosted by the Efficient MD. The theme will be "Healthcare Innovations and New Technologies." Submissions may be sent to efficientmd@gmail.com.

I wish to thank all those who participated, even those who submitted late (I have managed to include some of you) and of course, the almighty leader and founder of the weekly GR, Dr. Nick Genes, who continues to inspire me with his creativity and time-management skills.

Until next time. Enjoy reading!

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hgstern said...

Great 'Rounds, Doc! Thanks for hosting, and for including our post.

Susan Palwick said...

Thanks for hosting -- and including my post! I'm looking forward to reading all the others!

The Tundra PA said...

Outstanding edition, Dr. E! And thanks so much for including my submission, even though I probably took the prize for lateness (sorry about that). And congratulations on being a four-time host; that's rarified company you're in.

Kim said...

Thanks so much for including Emergiblog this week! Looking forward to reading!

Susan Palwick said...

By the way, if anyone would actually like to read my post, here's the link! ;-)

Allen said...

Very nicely done!


Terry at Counting Sheep said...

A wonderful Grand Rounds, with great reading. Thanks for including me!

Kerri. said...

Thanks for helping me revive the dead link. :)

Great edition!

-- Kerri.

Jan said...

Excellently done.

Thanks for including my post.

Prudence said...

Thanks for including my post on R.A. 9439. I hope this law gets amended. Moreso, I hope the government wakes up to finally make long-term solutions for our deteriorating healthcare

AlvaroF said...

Fun edition, thanks!

thestoryofhealing said...

Very well done!
Thanks for including my post in this week's Grand Rounds.
All the best!

Shelby said...

I am neither a doctor nor a health professional, but many in my family are --- enjoyed the recommended reads very much. Take care and happy weekend.