16 October 2007

Are You Sad at Work?

Here's an unsolicited advice:

'Easier said than done. In this part of the world, having a job is so precious that even if people are getting depressed doing their work, they have no choice but to stay (grin and bear it, as they say!) or else suffer the more miserable fate of the unemployed.

...and I thought taking care of kids and food handling would be fun....I guessed wrong!

I don't like too much Math. I think I would be depressed being an engineer or an architect, and even more depressed when I learn that the bridge or house I constructed collapsed (owing to terrible Math calculations...*LOL).

The full story is here, complete with statistical figures from each work group.

Being happy is a state of mind and being, no matter in what line of work you're in. You could be a simple street sweeper, but if you love what you're doing, no one can say you're depressed. What? You have a condescending and dictatorial boss that drives you crazy every day? Well, now, that's another story. You might really consider moving out and finding another job, or perhaps, shift into a livelier career with a kinder boss to look over you.

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Tani said...

I know that my job is noble and its rewards are more than monetary... but I sometimes find myself not satisfied with my job. I agree that jobs that entail creativity and expression are less depressing.