29 October 2007

I Told You So

'Want to know whatever happened about the White-Rabbit-candy-controversy a few months ago? Are you still avoiding eating those delicious candies because you're afraid of being poisoned with formalin?

Fear not.

Concerned authorities from both China and the Philippines seemed to have come to a favorable conclusion ----
NANNING, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) - The incident that led to an international uproar over a brand sugar candy the Philippines imported from China was "not a problem of quality", a senior official from the Philippine food quality control agency said here Sunday.

After signing the minutes of meeting on import and export food safety with China's quality control agency, Alexander Padilla, under secretary of the Department of Health of the Philippines, said "the only problem is the existence of formaldehyde, which is a potential problem, and the two countries have resolved the problem."

3 reactions:

bayi said...

So why was there an over-reaction initially? Did someone cause an unnecessary panic?

But knowing China and her cheap goods, many of us actually harbor doubts of every kind, from quality to safety, even when we are attracted by their very affordable prices. In this case, it heppens to be superb-tasting candies.

Dr. Emer said...

White Rabbit candies are also popular in Malaysia, right, Bayi? In my opinion, those candies are safe. But then, that`s just me. Those who have other things on their minds will surely disagree. =)

DJB Rizalist said...

it's like the coming deluge of cheap medicines. The problem won't be the price.