29 November 2007

USD $424.87 Monthly!

'Nearly USD $425.00, but still short, huh? [Using the current exchange rate of 1 USD = Php 42.68] That's the total amount of basic pay and allowances Filipino medical doctors are getting monthly. Nurses and dentists have much lower monthly salaries.

It's a difficult problem for a government which strives to keep its expenses low and still wants to enjoy the benefits of sufficient health workers to attend to growing population needs. But they must find a way.....before all the doctors and other health workers disappear.

3 reactions:

Anonymous said...

our doctors are really underpaid, way underpaid. no offense meant but the 18k range is a call center agent's salary.

rolly said...

Medical practitioners disappearing is a very scary thought. Hope that never happens.

Cyril said...

We have problems when the US dollar was skyrocketing, now another pain in the head that the US dollar is plunging. For one, US’s economy is not that good at all lately. I attended a convention once and a recommendation came that one of the most volatile commodity in the world economy, which is oil, be traded in Euros as this is more stable than the US dollar. 'Probably one of the things worth exploring.

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