09 January 2008

Add 14 More Years To Your Life

A new study has found that if you do the four healthy habits above daily, you might add 14 more years to your lifespan.

Moderate alcohol intake is defined here as 1-14 units of alcohol per week; 1 unit is a glass of wine, or a shot of spirit, or about 235 milliliters of beer.

Exercise is anything opposed to being physically inactive. Doing jobs which entail manual work like plumbing or gardening counts. What is important is movement and cardiovascular workout. Even walking, climbing and jogging play important roles here.

Adequate intake of 5 servings of fruits and veggies daily were measured by quantifying Vitamin C levels in the blood, which in the study should be more than 50mmol per liter. I think this is the most difficult part. I do not think everyone can religiously eat the required 5 servings daily.

Then again, the smart ones among us will argue --- what's the point of living 14 more years if you have a miserable and boring life? Well, they might be right. These are mere suggestions to extend your stay on the planet. How you will live that life extension depends on you.

2 reactions:

fionski said...

I rarely drink, quit yosi ages ago but it seems the diet and exercise part is harder to do for me. I live alone so I eat whatever is convenient for me to prepare. I am lazy to go to the gym. Argh!

Svelte Rogue said...

i want to do the fruit thingie.

fionski! i owe you an email! :D