29 January 2008

Caffeine Bad For Diabetics

This new finding runs counter with earlier studies which observed lower diabetic risk for those who drink coffee often. In the new study, the researchers monitored blood glucose levels continuously in 10 people by embedding a small glucose monitor under their abdominal skins.

A possible explanation can be because caffeine increases adrenaline in the body, and this in turn, increases sugar levels.

While a bigger study is needed to confirm this, I think it is prudent if diabetics lessened their caffeine consumption.

5 reactions:

cathy said...

i stopped drinking coffee more than a year ago. It did not lower the blood sugar level. It has never gone below 160 even before breakfast despite the meds.

After fr. Suarez, my blood sugar levels are maintained at 90 to 104 before breakfast.

My blood pressure is also lower than the usual 140 over 90 or 100 despite the meds.

now twice the medical assistant recorded it at 110 over 60.

My latest cat scan and two blood tests did not show abnormality. My doctor is still scratching his head.

But i still continue the prayers and I have put up a blog just for my testimonial and father suarez activities.

I still see my doctor regularly.

Again, thank you.

Dr. Emer said...

I am very happy with all these latest developments, Cath. No need to thank me. Like what the good priest says, it is only God who heals. Doctors and healing priests are only instruments.

Aice said...

I never thought caffeine can be dangerous for diabetics. I need caffeine to wake up sometimes. Are there alternatives for caffeine?

Dr. Emer said...

AICE - get a long good night sleep. That's the best alternative for caffeine. Are you diabetic, by any chance?

bayi said...

Last month I attended a planning session at a five-star hotel and the hotel placed a wonderful coffee-making machine at the disposal of the participants. Though I had almost given up coffee, the temptation proved too great and I had about 6 cups of the most wonderful coffee (black, without sugar)over two days. Though not a diabetic, my body reacted strangely and I had to suffer some very inconvenient conditions over the next few days. The consequent condition included palpitations for no apparent reason, sudden high blood pressure, insomnia and irregular toilet habits.

Never again, I told myself.