10 April 2008

4th TBR: The Sick Doctor

Everyone gets sick. "No one is exempted!" Even your doctor gets sick. But he is one of the most difficult patients to treat. Why? Because as a doctor, he cannot imagine a life as a patient. He is sometimes in a state of constant denial. He can sometimes have this silly notion that just as he can heal others, so can he heal himself, too. Therefore, he does not need any outside help to take care of his own sickness. That might be true sometimes, but certainly not all the time.

Some other revelations:
  1. Like most patients, some doctors are also scared of needles. They abhor injections and blood extractions.

  2. Most doctors, when sick, deny they are sick.

  3. Some doctors think that they have this "unconscious pact" with God that because they care for the sick, God will guarantee them good health as long as they live.

  4. "Only unrelenting pain, great weight loss, or catastrophic bleeding confirmed by the evidence of radiography or endoscopy awaken them to the reality that they have become patients." [AIM, 15 Jan 1998 | Vol 128 Iss 2 | Pp152-154]

  5. "Sick doctors are lonely patients, isolated but on watch, vigilant against error" [AIM, 15 Jan 1998 | Vol 128 Iss 2 | Pp152-154]

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3 reactions:

Ness said...

Doc Emer,

Would like to invite you again to join the Blog Rounds 5th edition. The theme is "I know what you did last summer!" and we're hoping you could share with us a summer adventure you had in the distant or recent past. The deadline for submission is at 5 pm tomorrow April 15 yet so you still have time pa po to post your entry.

Maraming maraming salamat po!

Dr. Emer said...

Hello Dra. Ness! Thanks for inviting me. I will try my best but no promises yet. Medyo toxic po ngayon ang sched ko.

emoterang nurse said...

i agree with this... im a nurse but im so scared of being ill and taken cared of by others... i'm also afraid of needles...hehehehe