15 April 2008

"The Sarkozy Effect"

Alpha male or not, I'm sure most men will say that even at 39, Carla Bruni is one of God's finest female creations. So beautiful, that alleged alpha males like French President Nicolas Sarkozy would die for.

While in France late last year, I was surprised that the French leader divorced his wife and later on was seen dating the beautiful supermodel Carla Bruni. On February this year, the two tied the knot in Paris. She is now France's First Lady.

In the past, Ms. Bruni was quoted saying the following:
"I'm monogamous from time to time, but I prefer polygamy and polyandry."
"I want a man with nuclear power."

Are alpha males attracted to women with bold beliefs? I still do not know how much "nuclear power" Sarkozy has left inside of him (LOL!) but I thought he made a colossal leap of faith when he decided to marry Bruni. How long will this marriage last? And I'm not even asking because I'm a pessimist, ok? I'm simply still flabbergasted by the rapid turn of events. 

Now, before you begin espousing suspicions that I have shifted from health to rumor-mongering, let me bring you to an excerpt of an article I read in the Telegraph recently:
Surgeons at a Harley Street clinic say more and more "alpha males", particularly those who are marrying younger women, are going under the knife, with Botox and male breast reduction top of the list.

They have called the trend "The Sarkozy Effect", after the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who last year married Carla Bruni, a former supermodel 13 years his junior.

The Harley Medical Group says 50 per cent more men aged between 35 and 55 had Botox injections to reduce wrinkles so far this year, compared with the same period in 2007.

Chin lifts, blepharoplasty --- the removal of eye bags --- and face lifts are also more popular than ever among what surgeons call FAMs --- forty or fifty-year-old alpha males. [Telegraph, 14 April 2008]

How far would aging men--- FAMs, as they are called in Europe --- go in order to please and win the affection of younger women? Do FAMs go through all the trouble of having multiple surgical corrections because they are madly in love, or because they want to validate that aging does not affect their zest for winning the loveliest and the most beautiful? Or is it both?

The cosmetic and plastic surgeons are all happy, of course. This is good business for them.

4 reactions:

MerryCherry, MD said...

Hi Doc. At least now, I kow what Sarkozy Effect means. Hehe.

Btw, please join the TBR 6th ed: Philippine Healthcare System. Details here.

I am sure many would like to hear your thoughts on this one.

rolly said...

Such vanity, no? Teka, what kind of nuclear power was she looking for kaya?

Unless my beasts turned big as that of a woman who's had breast implants, I am okay with what I have. Sabagay, wala naman akong balak mag asawa ulit so I am no longer in the playing field.

fionski said...

This is a very good business oportunity!! I think this has been going even before, mid life crisis. Di uso noon ang plastic surgery and other physical enhancing churky kasi mahal and it was not looked upon as macho. But now men are more open to going the extra mile to look good.
Palit ka ng ng field Doc!!!!

bingskee said...

it's not only the women who're vain after all..

this is a valuable info. thanks for sharing, doc emer.