24 May 2008

McDonald's is Trans Fat-Free!

Bravo! .....but will only be available initially in the United States and Canada:

McDees food items are known for its trans fat content in the past. With heart diseases ranking as the top cause of death in the Philippines, WHEN will McDo Philippines and the rest of other popular fastfoods (you know what they are) finally decide to remove the trans fat in their menu items?

UPDATE ON McDo Philippines website: More than 2 years since I posted that our own local McDonald's here had no decent website like its parent in the US, I recently found out that --- surprise, surprise! --- it now has an official and unofficial websites. Yes, 2 websites! On top of these, they still maintain the old website. All 3 websites however, tell the Filipino consumer nothing about the nutritional information of any McDonald food offering. Nada. It's all about their history, their milestones, and of course, how to order online. It's still all about business. Nothing on how to improve one's health.

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Am Ang Zhang said...

Check the F.D.A. website. O.5 gm of Trans Fat is allowed per serving and it will be counted as ZERO.

The Cockroach Catcher

Ice 9 Web said...

well that is a very good news for me because I like McDonalds ^_^
but am a discipline when it comes to food I make sure its not too much fatty or greasy

interesting post ^_^

bayi said...

It's good news for those who love McD food. But I won't be rushing...:)