22 June 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It's a wet Sunday today. Extended forecast says it will also be a wet Monday and a wet Tuesday.

The satellite image above is the latest I can find, and it shows you the eye of the storm is very near where I am. Typhoon Fengshen (local name: Frank) is battering the Philippines as I write this post.

As of now, the wind is howling outside and is having a field day blowing down trees. Streets are flooded. Some are no longer passable to light vehicles. Fallen trees and billboards litter major avenues. All domestic flights have been temporarily canceled. A ship with 700 passengers is reported to have sunk somewhere in Romblon, in southern Philippines.

The only good news is that the local power company continues to provide me with electricity in spite of the 150-kilometer winds outside. But who knows? A blackout is almost normal in cases like this.

I think it will get worse before things get better.

For updates, go here.
UPDATE as of 10:30am - Radio reports say that Araneta, Banawe and Retiro streets, all in Quezon City are no longer passable to vehicles. Floods have probably risen way above knee-level. 'Bad news for those who are out there driving.
UPDATE as of 3:30pm - Rains have slowed down a bit, but heavy clouds still hover. The satellite image below shows the storm is moving very slowly. 82 fatalities have been reported, so far, and close to a thousand families forced to flee.

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