13 July 2008

Dr Michael DeBakey

Heart surgeon pioneer Dr Michael DeBakey, 99, has passed away. He was well-known because he had kings and US Presidents as patients.

He was also the pioneer of several cardiovascular surgical procedures:
  1. 1953 - the first endarterectomy, the surgeon slits the artery open, peels away the lesion from the artery wall and then closes the incision by sewing the remaining undamaged walls.

  2. 1954 - first successful resection and graft replacement of an aneurysm in the upper and downward sections of the aorta.

  3. 1955 - first successful resection of an aneurysm of the portion of the aorta between the chest and abdomen.

  4. 1956 - did the first patch-graft angioplasty.

Several other significant medical contributions he had done are all listed here.

Dr DeBakey himself underwent a critical operation in 2006 when he was 97 years old which saved his life. He suffered from aortic dissection, and had to undergo an operation which he himself pioneered. To date, he is the oldest patient to have survived the said procedure.

Ninety-nine years old is great age to die. He lived a full life and gave the medical world so much.

Godspeed, Dr DeBakey.
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