31 July 2008

Keira Knightley's Choice

"So what if I'm flat-chested?"

This seems to be the nonchalant reaction of Keira Knightley with her refusal to allow the producers of her soon-to-be-released new film, The Duchess (see the film poster above), to photoshop her relatively flat chest to make it appear fuller and with more cleavage.

Yes, what's wrong with looking at what's natural?

The trend nowadays is to look artificially beautiful with the help of famous products and services like botox treatments, cosmetic operations, liposuctions, and in the Philippines' case, taking glutathione tabs to develop a fairer complexion.

The unspoken and erroneous message being delivered seems to be that aging with wrinkles, or being born with dark complexion, or yes, having no cleavage at all for women, are big sins that must be avoided at all cost.

I like beautiful women. But not how advertisements define them. Beauty comes from deep inside. The same is true with being sexy. I believe there is no need for artificial enhancements to make beauty come out, or add to it. If one is beautiful, it will show. Even with the ravages of aging, it will remain if it's really there. It is all a matter of self-acceptance. People must learn to love how they were born to look like.

Because of Keira Knightley's bold move, she has even gained the nod of small boob support sites.

[story lead and image via Trendhunter]
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