22 August 2008

2008 New Philippine Physicians

60 percent of those who took the medical boards this month --- a total of 1,513 examinees --- can now call themselves medical doctors.

There are two medical board licensing examinations given each year in the Philippines for those who want to become physicians, one in February and one in August. Those who want to take it easy and top the boards take it during February, while the rest do it in August. Internships end and graduations occur during April and May, and young medical examinees have around 8 weeks or so to study for the medical boards in August. It is a hectic schedule, and only the toughest make it.

This year the first and second top spots went to Far Eastern University and St. Louis University. Truly, this is a great year for these schools.

Perennial topnotchers UP Manila and UST settled for a tie for the third spot. Here is the complete list of the top ten:

The full list of successful examinees can be seen here.

Congratulations to all the new doctors!!!

May you all serve our country well. I pray you don't shift to nursing and I hope you stay in the Philippines to practice.
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