02 August 2008

What's the Truth About The Montauk Monster?

Anything that looks weird and unfamiliar usually gets the term, "monster," and the Montauk Monster, a dead animal corpse which washed ashore in Montauk on the eastern tip of Long Island, New York, is not an exception. Gawker, which usually discusses showbiz and gossip items, featured it first early this week, with the following photo:

Photo via GAWKER

Because of the dead creature's unusual features --- Gawker particularly noted its "dinosaur-beak" --- and because that particular area where it was sighted was near a military facility where secret US projects were initiated, the term, Montauk Monster was easy to connotate. It is all speculation stemming from suspicion and fear of the unknown.

Later on, another website, Cryptomundo, featured another photo of the "Montauk Monster":

Photo via Cryptomundo

This time, if you look closely, there is no more dinosaur-beak. What is it, then? Speculations from a turtle minus its shell and a raccoon have been floated. The photos have made the rounds of FOX News, USA Today, and even CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Scientific American says that it will be difficult to explain without a body or corpse to examine. Somebody took the dead animal's corpse, and no one knows where.

Me? I suspect it is nothing but a dead dog. It might have drowned, and all those days at sea made its decomposing body bloated. No, this is no monster. The "monster-claim" stems from the fear and distrust of secret government facilities.
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