04 September 2008

Google Chrome: Always on Full Screen

Another browser?

I downloaded the beta version of Google Chrome this morning, and I must say I am impressed. No, this is NOT a paid review. I do not do such things. I write a review only when I am satisfied with something I find useful.

It has a very simple design, and easy-to-learn controls --- two things which busy users appreciate. It also takes some of the other famous browsers' (
Firefox and Opera) superb features like tabbed browsing and speed dialing. It boasts of a new browser feature called incognito browsing, and this enables a user to surf net pages and not worry about it being recorded in the browser search history. 'Pretty neat if you are the secretive type. Not much use for me because I'm the only one who can touch my PC.

I particularly like its "
one-box-everything," in which the address bar and search bar are one and the same. And the bigger screen --- no more need to push F11 to see the bigger picture --- is its best feature for me!

It is also a fast browser, though I still think
Opera is faster. Memory-wise, it is almost like Firefox --- which means, the more tabs you open, the more computer memory you use. But if you have more than 2GB of RAM under your PC hood, you will barely notice the memory consumption.

Overall, it is okay. It will give Firefox and Opera a good fight in the browser wars. Let's see what more features it will add when version 1.0 is released.
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