20 October 2008

Health Status of 2008 US Candidates

Obama, McCain, Palin, and Biden. How well do you know the health status of this year's US presidential and vice-presidential nominees? Can you answer the short quiz below?

  1. Who is the candidate given last rites by a Roman Catholic priest in 1988 because of a ruptured aneurysm?
  2. Who is the only candidate among the four above who has not released any medical or health information about herself?
  3. Who is the candidate who might need joint replacements soon, according to his Mayo Clinic doctor?
  4. Who is the candidate having problems about quitting smoking?
  5. Who is the candidate who attempted suicide in the past?
  6. Who among the four above has kidney stones?
  7. Who has an enlarged prostate?
  8. Who is the candidate who underwent extensive surgery on the face and neck to remove melanomas in August, 2000?
  9. Who is the candidate suffering from chronic sinusitis and allergies?
  10. Who are the two candidates taking statins to control their cholesterol levels?
The answers are here. My source is a recent New York Times article written by Dr. Lawrence K. Altman.

I agree with the good doctor that people have a right to know the true health conditions of the candidates. The four candidates must be open enough to let everyone know how healthy or how sick they really are.

Every country needs healthy leaders.
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