10 February 2009

Very Few Consult For Flu

I think this is true in most parts of the world. Not too many people sick with flu or cough and colds go to their doctors to seek help.

Why would they? For an ailment that comes and goes?

But what ticks me off is when I overhear some asking for "quick medical consults" in pharmacies.

What's the best medicine for headache or cough?

What's the medicine to give a newborn with cough and colds?

Is it okay to take so-and-so medication 3x a day?

Sick people seek these "free consults" in drug stores by asking the sales ladies, or any other sales person around. And yes, these salespeople give out prescriptions as doctors would.

Now, I'm not putting these people down. For all we know, their batting average might be tilting more on the correct side. But still, the adage that a little knowledge might be dangerous holds true here. Most particularly when we deal with illnesses and prescription medications.

Yes, I know there is expense involved when consulting doctors. But if a false prescription causes harm, I think the expense would be much more than if a mere consultation with a doctor was done.
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