20 March 2009

Fat Talk and Prevention

In the future, when science has found a way either of blocking the DNA-PK gene's function or eliminating it altogether, people might not feel guilty anymore while eating loads and loads of sinful carbohydrates.

Elsewhere, while guesting in Jay Leno's Tonight show, President Barack Obama joked about trans fats when asked a question about it, but maintained that he supports putting more money for disease prevention. His wife, Michelle Obama, also seems supportive of going healthy during their Washington stay. In fact, she even intends to start up a vegetable garden right in the White House backyard. Yes. No kidding.

A move to remove or lessen the trans fat contents of food items in most restos and fastfood stores seems more likely that waiting for a medication that will counteract the effects of the DNA-PK gene above.

When Harvard nutritionist Dr. Walter Willett spoke recently in front of those in charge of putting trans fats in menu food items, many welcomed his new proposals on how to combat unhealthy eating habits.
Three years ago, when Willett first lectured this group about trans fats, labeling them as "nutritional poison," few of the attendees would have guessed that by 2009, legislation would go into effect in several cities to rid foods of the fats. Now he's thinking about suggesting a regulation mirroring a new law in the United Kingdom to mandate a dramatic salt reduction in all packaged and processed foods. And he's also suggesting a national tax of up to 18 percent on sodas and candy. ~ Boston Globe, 4 March 2009

In the Philippines, the move to remove trans fats in most food items is still missing. For one thing, most people here still do not know what trans fats are. Only a handful of health-conscious individuals care about the possible harm it can do on one's body.

It takes collective effort to prevent disease. It takes collective effort to initiate healthy lifestyles. It takes collective effort to promote disease prevention. But alas, collective effort is such a difficult concept to achieve.
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