17 June 2009

Anti-Wrinkling Cream

An anti-cancer cream can be the answer for wrinkles.

But it doesn't come easy. There are initial problems that have to be overcome.
"The drug has been around for many years," said Dr. Dana Sachs of the University of Michigan, whose study appears in the Archives of Dermatology.

Sachs said it has been used for four decades to treat actinic keratoses, which appear as a scaly or crusty bump on the skin. They most commonly appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, neck, forearms or lips.

Treatment with Efudex, known generically as fluorouracil, is not trouble-free. Soon after the cream is applied, the skin becomes red and inflamed.

"Patients look really bad," Sachs said in a telephone interview. "Their skin is red. I've heard people describe it as looking like raw hamburger meat."

But after the treatment, patients have said their skin looks younger. "People have commented for years that they look better. Not only are their pre-cancers gone but the quality of their skin seems to be improved," Sachs said.
~ Reuters, 15 June 2009

Knowing women who abhor wrinkles, and will do anything to look young, I bet they will endure the 'raw-hamburger-meat' appearance just to attain a youthful-looking skin.
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