29 June 2009

What Killed Michael Jackson?

Offhand, I think it was depression that ended his life. Famous people are always depressed. He might not have been eating properly, and his low electrolytes must have spelled fatal for his heart.

But Reuters has interesting theories. The speculation is that Michael Jackson was using the painkiller Demerol:

Another mentioned drug was Oxycontin, and this is how it might have killed the superstar:

But Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist and physician hired to be with Michael Jackson, denied having injected him with any medications. Meanwhile, an independent autopsy is being requested by Jackson's family to know what really happened.

We will know in a few days what really killed him.


UPDATE on 02 July 2009 --- The DIPRIVAN Angle:

Wait a minute. This is another wild speculation. During the interview, MJ's nurse said that while Jackson begged for Diprivan, she did not give it to him. So, what's all the fuss of how Michael Jackson got hold of the drug?

Sure, Diprivan might kill when not used properly, but the question is, did he really use it?

People are jumping to conclusions.
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