16 March 2010

No To Magic Sugar

What is magic sugar? Not too many people know what it is.

What you need to know about it:
  1. Magic Sugar is sodium cyclamate. Depending on the concentration, it is an artificial sweetener that is 30 to 50 times sweeter than sugar.
  2. It is banned for use in the United States since 1969. It is, however, still used in Europe, and approved as sweetener in more than 55 countries
  3. Studies have implicated cyclamate in increasing the incidence of bladder cancer in rats, and a council report has found that it accelerates the formation of tumors and cancer.
  4. In dogs, a study has found that it causes testicular atrophy and infertility.
  5. According to Wikipedia, "the Coca-Cola Company has began using it again for soft drinks such as Coca-Cola Zero or Nestea Light sold in countries where it isn't banned (large parts of South America, Asia, Africa and Europe)."
  6. In the Philippines, because it is cheaper and many times sweeter than cane sugar, it is used by sidewalk vendors to sweeten their juice and snack products. Today, Dept. of Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral reiterated calls not to use this artificial sweetener.
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