29 September 2005

More Taho and Tokwa, Please

Here's more good news to eaters of taho and tokwa. A new study shows that a soy-rich diet may lessen the risk for lung cancer.
A diet rich in phytoestrogens such as those found in soy as well as spinach, carrots and broccoli appears to reduce the risk of lung cancer, researchers report.

In the study, participants whose diets included the most phytoestrogens had a 46 percent reduction in the risk of lung cancer, said study author Matthew Schabath, Ph.D.

In an editorial accompanying the research, they advise that patients "should be informed that they may further reduce their risk of developing cancer by adopting a diet rich in fruits and vegetables."

People who have never smoked seem to get the most benefit from phytoestrogens, they note, adding that "this group has a very low baseline risk of lung cancer," but even that risk "can be further reduced by dietary choices."

[MedPage Today, Sept 27 2005]

The study does not excuse smokers from smoking if they eat fruits and vegetables. The best option is still to quit smoking and eat more fruits and vegetables.

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