22 September 2005

'Think Men Have Dirtier Hands?

Tell me honestly guys, do you wash your hands after urinating in your home or in any public toilet when you're outside? I've observed this many times myself, and roughly I'd say only 2 or 3 out of 10 guys here wash their hands after going to the john. The immediate question which comes to mind if you answered "NO, I don't," is WHY?

WHY do you not wash your hands?

It's a pretty simple task. There's plenty of water. There's even soap now in most toilets, and believe me, it wouldn't take you an hour washing your hands. You probably think there's nothing to it, right?

Guess again.
Men are dirtier than women. So scientists confirmed by spying in public restrooms, watching as one-quarter of men left without washing their hands.

In contrast, 90 percent of the women did wash up.

Wednesday's results mark the American Society of Microbiology's latest look at how many people take what is considered the single easiest step to staying healthy: spending 20 seconds rubbing with soap under the faucet.

It also explains why these infection experts tend to use paper towels to open bathroom doors. There is no telling what germs the person before you left on the knob.

"It's a gamble," said microbiologist Judy Daly of Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, the society's secretary.

[Newsday.com, Sept 21 2005]

There was a time when I used to accompany my aunt to Sunday Catholic masses in downtown Chicago. In US Catholic Holy Masses, when its time to say, "Peace Be With You!" parishioners usually shake hands --- and kiss when it's a relative or a loved one seated beside them --- in addition to saying peace to each other. Unlike here where it's mostly a no-look and perfunctory "pisbiwidyu" No handshakes, and hardly any kisses.

I used to wonder why my aunt would only shake hands with fellow women but not men. She told me it was because she knew men did not wash their hands after going to public toilets. That was years ago. But look, it still holds true today.

Guys, wash your hands! Here's an illustrated demonstration HOW TO WASH YOUR HANDS PROPERLY.

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Rygel said...

ahhh mahirap mag comment hahahaha

rolly said...

Doc, why? I don't pee on my hands naman e.

joke lang. I do. hahaha

eye said...

how true, how true! in ireland, people would shake hands/kiss during 'peace' wishing... teka tagalugin ko baka maintindihan nila haha! naiisip naming mga pinoy lagi na once a week nga lang sila kung maligo (magwisik pala), paano pa kaya ang maghugas ng kamay? :D

Dr. Emer said...

Tell the truth now, Rygel and Tito Rolly!

Sinabi mo, Eye! Sa buses nga lang sa US, ang bantot minsan ng mga katabi mo lalo na pag winter. Ang paghuhugas ng kamay malamang is the least of their worries. :)

Anonymous said...

I believe you are right. Men seldon wash their hands after urinating. But if we make it a habit to do it, we will do it without so much of thinking for a decision.

Maybe your aunt should ask each man whether he washed his hands before whether deciding to shake hands with him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok, you think that's bad? I remember once the guy sitting in the toilet booth beside me (doing a #2), wiped his a**, flushed the toilet, got out, and just left the washroom. Without even approaching the faucet! Now that's what I call evil. Who's the unfortunate person that's going to shake hands with him?