01 August 2006

Vaccine Against Hunger?

Wouldn't it be great if you can go to a clinic where they can vaccinate you so your urge to get hungry can be controlled? It might be great if you see hunger as an enemy to your plans to lose weight. I still think hunger has a purpose, and that is to tell you that your stomach is already empty. There's a group of scientists, however, who are working on a vaccine to control hunger urges:
The vaccine targeted ghrelin, a hormone discovered in 1999 that helps control appetite in animals and people.

"It appears that active vaccination against ghrelin is one avenue that can slow weight gain and fat build-up in the body," said Kim Janda, a chemistry professor who helped direct the study.

"The study shows our vaccine slows weight gain and decreases stored fat in rats," Janda added.

[ REUTERS, 31 July 2006]

"In rats." There's still a long way to go before this vaccine sees light in the market.

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jhay said...

Was this developed for those who want to slim down? Boy, things are getting desperate it seems.