27 May 2008

Grand Rounds, 4.36

Welcome to
Medical Grand Rounds,
Vol.4, No. 36!

This is my 5th time hosting (Thanks, Nick!) and I have not stopped enjoying the privilege of hosting this wonderful weekly anthology of the best posts of the medical blogosphere. Since FIVE is the lucky number for me today, I am opening this round with five of the best posts submitted to me this week...

  1. Doc Gurley’s Noma post – will give you nightmares and make your heart bleed. She’s asking for help from all of us.

  2. Bruce Campbell, MD of Reflections in a Head Mirror – learned a lot from a dying patient.

  3. Barbara V. of In Sickness and In Health – if you begin comparing yourself to others, you will sometimes realize how petty your problems are. Will you end your life by burning yourself to death?

  4. Mind, Soul and Body – celebrates 10 reasons why modern medicine is so good!

  5. Dr. Neumed of What, Me Worry? – submits the post about curettage by Suthacha_Xiang Mei, a medical student from Bangkok, Thailand. It might seem like a routine procedure, but in her post she described her feelings of empathy and compassion. Dr. Neumed thinks this exposure is a good start for a young doctor.

The Specialists Talk

Will your hospital chaplain pray about sex? Susan Palwick relates her story.

Bongi of Other Things Amanzi talks on the inflated egos of surgeons.

Jeffrey, MD shares his experiences on the Child Psychiatry unit.

Dr Shock MD PhD explains why we should not leave supportive psychotherapy to "inexperienced psychiatric residents."

In The News

Canadian Medicine tackles Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer, and outlines a potentially exciting treatment for gliomas.

Dr Penna shares with us the good news about the US FDA's decision to relax blood donation rules.

Help Advice From The Experts

The Blog That Ate Manhattan
– has useful advice on saving money on birth control. He has gathered his Top TEN tips on how to do it.

Over in the UK, Dr. Crippen, the NHS BLog Doctor, thinks aloud on the controversial shall we/shouldn't we problems of HRT.

So what do that little blue pill and an insulin needle have in common? InsureBlog's Bob Vineyard has the surprising connection.

Kenneth F Trofatter, Jr, MD of Healthline has a comprehensive post on the evaluation and management of polyhydramnios
Sharpbrains shows us how meditation helps those with ADHD.

A Chronic Dose by Laurie Edwards ponders on balancing serious chronic illness with a challenging college course load and GPA worries.

Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine – a book review on the mixture of career and autoimmune illnesses.

The Happy Hospitalist has this fascinating post on his attempt to gather data from all over the country on how much health care really costs.

The Future of Health and Medicine

Dr. Joshua Schwimmer of Healthline – talks on the beauty of Slideshare, and why he, himself is hooked.

Highlight HEALTH 2.0 introduces FreeMD, a website which contains an expert system that emulates the triage function doctors perform when assessing the potential severity of a group of symptoms.

Dr. Wes’ post deals with the pros and cons of e-health that he batted back and forth with some pro- e-health marketing folks.

David Harlow of the HealthBlawg shares what happened during his talk about Google Health, PHR and HER systems, and the question of regulation.

Not everyone is happy with gadgets and technology. Not Totally Rad laments his voice recognition system’s lack of rudimentary common sense!

More Loud Thoughts

Can you imagine the kind Kim of Emergiblog being ticked off? Well, she emerged wiser from the experience.

Dr. Mintz Blog wonders why Chantix always gets bashed in the media.

JC Jones MA RN of Healthline appeals to all to help in the global crisis on rice shortage.

Lastly, if your health insurance company paid you to follow a healthy lifestyle, would you do it? Colorado Health Insurance Insider proposes an answer.


That's it, folks! Thanks to all who submitted their great posts on time. I was very busy the past two weeks, and I feel happy I was able to pull this one off. Thanks also to Nick who started it all. I am still willing to host future editions. Speaking of inspiration, our local medbloggers here in the Philippines are also now hosting our own version of weekly grand rounds. We call it TBR, or The Blog Rounds.

Next week, do not forget to submit your choice posts to The Happy Hospitalist, who will host the next edition of Medical Grand Rounds.

Happy reading, everyone!

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H G Stern said...

Terrific job!

Thank you for hosting, and for including our post.

Laurie said...

Looks great! Thanks for including my post. Wow, a five-time host. That's pretty impressive!!

Anonymous said...

Great job. And thank you for for putting my post in the top 5. I am honored.

Mary said...

This was defiently a memorable grand rounds! Very nice job! Those were some amazing stories! And I'm still going through them!

JC Jones MA RN said...

Thank you once again Dr. Emer, for hosting for the 5th time! Here is a link to my Thank You post to you...
JC Jones San Francisco, CA

Kim said...

FIVE times? Holy cow! You da man!

Thanks for including Emergiblog - I can actually read all the entries this week - yeah summer!

Anonymous said...

What a great grand rounds - clear and concise and tempting. Thanks for the work (five times over!).

Bruce said...

Great job! Thanks for hosting.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

The fact that you are in the Phillipines, and yet we all meet today on your page really brings home to me the international nature of this thing we do called blogging.

Thanks for hosting yet another great grand rounds. (Five times!!)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a med-obsessed kind of guy but those were quite a good bunch of articles.