31 March 2004

Or Why I Cannot Decrease My Waistline

I have a confession to make. Part of the reason why I cannot lower my present BMI of 26 is because of my current obsession with a new ice cream I discovered weeks ago at a nearby supermart: CHOCO PEANUT Ice Cream.

It is a harmonious blend of ice cream and choc-nut, which most Filipinos grew up with. Choc-nut is our version of Mars or Hershey's chocolate bars. Mixed with ice cream, the sensation of eating becomes an experience. It brings back good memories of my elementary years when life was light, easy, and devoid of responsibilities.

Choc-nut is a mixture of chocolate and ground peanuts. Choc-nut ice cream was discovered by Uva chef Fernando Aracama but I hardly have the time to go to Uva (a local restaurant), so I settled for the next best thing. My soulmate will surely castigate me when she reads this post. She has been my personal diet watcher and is determined to keep me fit.

Dieting chiefly involves discipline and a determination on what one really wants. Most of the things they say in self-help books are easier said than done. We are humans, and sometimes, we slip and miss our boats.

Don't worry, I'm exercising thoroughly and putting a cap on my choc-nut ice cream obsession after Holy Week.

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