31 March 2004

Madrid-Like Terror Attack Thwarted

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Hooray for President Gloria and his crew. Local authorities arrested four Islamic militants and seized 80 pounds of explosives, averting a "Madrid-level'' terrorist attack on trains and in metropolitan shopping malls.

During the press conference, a reporter asked the Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Hermogenes Ebdane what assurance do people have that these newly captured terrorists won't escape again (reminiscent of the Al-Ghozi foul-up last year). Edbane was reported to have replied like a streetsmart goon by saying, "Why don't you go along with them and see if you can escape?" Most of the reporters were somewhat offended by the snide reply and said they would only want to ensure that no monkey business will happen again.

Oh well.

Most of the suspects captured owed up to other crimes like the beheading of a Californian who used to be an Abu Sayyaf hostage, and again, they claimed responsibility with February's superferry blast accident off the coast of Corregidor.

I do hope the prisoners stay in prison this time.

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