10 June 2004

Want To Know Their Secret?

Read why German students probably do not need our Department of Education's "bridge program" as discussed by Sassy two days ago:
"German sociologist Werner Habermehl says that regular sexual activity can help university students pass their exams and get better results. Habermehl, who is based at the University of Hamburg, said that he and his team had tested students before and after sex. They found that regular sexual activity significantly increased mental capability, but discovered that celibate students found it harder to make the grade. As well as decreasing the length of time needed to complete a course, students with a healthy sex life also received better marks, said Habermehl." [Independent Online]
Medically speaking, there is basis for Habermehl's findings since sexual activity is perceived by the body as a good cardiopulmonary exercise. A good cardiopulmonary exercise increases blood flow to almost all of the body's vital organs including the brain, which is the significant body part needed to get a good grade in any examination.

Among the other health benefits derived from a normal sexual activity include stress reduction, lower cholesterol levels, improved immunity against diseases, and improved sleeping conditions. As a form of exercise, sexual intercourse has been demonstrated to burn approximately 300 calories per hour. Here's how it compares against some other activities that may be part of your fitness regime: walking-3mph and weight training, both 306 calories each per hour, and badminton, 348.

Now, before you get any ideas about me starting a movement to improve our pathetic education system, you must remember that before you can achieve the benefits I mentioned, you must first deal with the moral and lawful aspects of any planned sexual activity.

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