10 June 2004

Stolen Shot Tells All

From today's PDI

"Can you please tell Senator Pimentel not to delay any more the canvass?"

According to the PDI story, that was retired Cardinal Sin's plea as he called up the house of Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. in Marikina last Tuesday. The one who answered was Mrs. Pimentel, and she shot back at the Cardinal by saying, "Your Eminence, Nene [Senator Pimentel] is only seeking the truth and he is in fact only following the teachings of the Church."

Mrs. Pimentel unperturbed by the prelate's surprise phone call further said: "...the Church itself teaches that we must all seek the truth because the truth shall set us free. Nene was seeking the truth on who is the real, elected president."

One sees it as a delay, the other sees it as quest for truth.

I think one's perspective is strongly influenced by who he supported and voted for as President during the last elections.

My reaction: The Cardinal must have very good doctors taking care of him. He is still able to spring out of his retirement and even had the brazenness to voice out his Pido-like objection straight to the house of his perceived filibuster.

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