11 June 2004

Their Urges Are Pregnant With Meaning

In his study published in the journal Human Reproduction, Professor Allen Wilcox, of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Durham, North Carolina, just discovered that during ovulation, which is a phase when a woman is most likely to become pregnant, the overall frequency of sex increased by 24%. His study included 68 women who had either been sterilised or were using an intrauterine device (IUD). It was shown that the frequency of intercourse increased during the six most fertile days of the menstrual cycle and peaked at ovulation --- despite the fact that these women clearly did not want a baby.
"There apparently are biological factors promoting intercourse during a woman's six fertile days, whether she wants a baby or not. It suggests that couples who 'take a chance' with unprotected intercourse have the deck stacked against them. Intercourse apparently does not happen randomly. It's more likely to occur on the fertile days, even though the average woman would not know when these days are." [BBC report]
In layman's language, this means that when your wife or girlfriend feels horny, it is with biologic purpose. It is because this is the time she is most fertile and the likelihood of getting pregnant is very high. This study validates that humans are similar to most mammals in terms of coordination between ovulation and sexual intercourse.
This is good news and a welcome tip for the women pictured above. This is the Obando Fertility Rites, celebrated here during May 17 to 19 of every year. It is a Filipino festival in which Obando streets congest with childless couples hoping for children, who dance in an immense procession, pushing before them wooden carts called carosas filled with images of the particular saint to whom they are appealing. The dance must be performed religiously with gyrating hips in harmony with the beat and tempo of the music and with utmost faith. Finally, the procession comes to lounge at the steps of the church, into which the inflamed childless couples extend their festivities up to the church's aisle.

With four Filipinos born every minute, I think our Filipinas are very, very fertile, and our fertility dance very effective indeed.

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