20 June 2004

Doctor Claims The Clock Still Ticking

Just when you thought modern day progress and advances in the medical field can make most women relax about their biological clocks, comes a report from a doctor writing in the journal Human Reproduction that women can wait only as long as 35 years old. Beyond that, chances get slimmer as the years go on.

What waiting and delay are we talking about?

Delaying to have a baby, that's what.
"The message to women is: up to about 35 years, if you want a child, be patient. Even if you do not succeed in one year, your chances of success are still substantial. Beyond that age, be impatient."
Thus spoke Dr. Henri Leridon of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Paris, who explained that some of the decline in fertility can be compensated for using assisted reproductive technologies (ART). He says that,
"ART cannot remove all effects of age and give to a woman aged 40 years the fertility of a 20-year-old. Do not wait too long before consulting for infertility, because the effectiveness of medical techniques is also decreasing as you grow older." [Reuters report]
I guess this puts more pressure on women to get married or get pregnant as soon as possible if they want to have a child to enjoy the rest of their lives.

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