20 June 2004

One More Invite Available

Does anyone want a GMail account? Since I have one more invite left, I have decided to raffle it to a lucky person this coming Sunday, June 20, 2004.

Simple rules:
Leave your full name, age, location, email address (important! this is where I will send your invite if you win), and why you want a GMail account. Please leave all these details in the comment box. Please do not send it via email. Thanks.
Closing time will be at 09:00am, Manila Time (01:00:00 GMT/UTC), 20 June 2004. Lucky winner will be drawn randomly using Microsoft's Excel software. I will notify the winner by email and confirm his identity. I will then send the GMail invite afterwards.


UPDATE: Since only two people wrote to request for an invite, I decided to give both of them one GMail invite each, one from me and the other courtesy of my good friend Bayi! To Jeremy and Fidel, thanks and hope you enjoy your 1GB of email accounts. By this time, you must have received your invites. Any problems, leave a note here.

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