07 June 2004

Back To Normal

From weather.com

The picture above is a satellite image of the Philippines taken by a GMS5 and METEOSAT weather satellite located 22,300 miles above the Earth at around 3:56pm EDT. It shows tropical depression Frank intensifying into a storm with "maximum sustained winds of 65 kilometers per hour near the center and gustiness of up to 80 kph, threatening the western portion of northern Luzon with stormy weather," as reported by the PDI. Signal Number One (winds of 30-60 kph) has been declared in Metro Manila and neigboring provinces as of 5am today.

Today also marks the first day of school for some 12 million pupils nationwide. Whereas before traffic was bad, today marks the first day it will become worse...again. Here in my place (I live near the oldest university in Asia), I've noticed diggings and more potholes among most of the main streets and side streets since last week. Do you know what that means?
potholes + traffic + opening of classes = mayhem

But "mayhem" will soon become "normal" as the days go by. "Normal," not because some gallant local authority will soon solve the problems I mentioned, but "normal" because "we will get used to it," in a matter of time. Maybe days, maybe weeks, but we will get used to it. Back to mayhem. Back to normal.

Sounds sarcastic to you? Well, this is the best I can do. I pay my taxes. Everyone else pays their taxes, but what happens? We are always treated to "normal" situations.

God bless the day when "normal" will really mean normal.

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