11 July 2004

A Big Oooopps Is More Like It

All's well that ends well. Really now?!?

Who are they kidding? Just as I was about to feel good that GMA has finally done something great, here comes this news:
Screen Capture from AL-JAZEERA.Net

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Patricia Santo Tomas said on television that President GMA phoned the wife of Angelo Dela Cruz in her Subic safehouse to tell her that Angelo has been freed and was on his way to a hotel in Baghdad.

This news made a lot of Filipinos --- mostly Angelo's townmates in Pampanga --- jump with happiness and wept with tears of joy. The real news according to CNN is that Angelo's captors has just extended the beheading deadline to another 24 hours.

Moreover, Al-Jazeera reported receiving a new statement from the kidnappers Saturday in which they extended the deadline and added a new demand: that the Philippines pull its small contingent of troops out of Iraq by July 20. It seems August 20 is not good enough for them.

Angelo Dela Cruz is not out of the woods yet. There is no reason yet to celebrate.

Pray harder, guys!

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