11 July 2004

GMA Agrees To Withdraw Philippine Contingent

Screen Capture from CNN.com

All's well that ends well.

For all her shortcomings, I think President GMA did a great job here. Whether she did through back-chanelling negotiations or paying some blood money, I think she deserves credit for this one. Good job, Ms. President!

Asked if they will still permit Angelo to go back and work again in the Middle East, Angelo's relatives replied, "Not in the immediate future." I think GMA will give Angelo a decent job so he can stay here for good. I hope he does the same for the rest of the unemployed Filipinos, too.

I also think Angelo's captors compromised when they knew that the Philippine humanitarian contingent will be withdrawn this coming August 20.

Instrumental also is the role of Bahrain Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman al Khalifa, who did most of the back-chanelling negotiations by talking with most of the Iraqi Islamic clerics, who in turn negotiated with Angelo's captors.

Of course, if it were not for GOD who heard all our prayers, it would not have been possible, too. Thank you, GOD!

And while we are thanking Him, let us not forget to continue praying for Bulgarians Ivaylo Kepov and Georgi Lazov, who are still being held by their Iraqi captors as of this writing. They must also be set free!

The sun will shine brighter in the Philippines this Sunday morning, I'm sure.

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